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Allison Forbes

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Orange County, CA
Year in School: 
Nutritional Sciences and Pre-Pharmacy
Favorite Quote: 
"Keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success" -Jerry Seinfeld
Future Goals: 
I hope to graduate with a Nutritional Sciences degree and attend the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy.
Favorite Twirling Memories: 
Over the past 13 years of twirling, I have enjoyed twirling in a duet with my older sister Kelli, who is the former captain of the Twirling Team.
Greatest Twirling Accomplishments: 
1) Advanced and Intermediate Miss Majorette of California 2) Advanced All West Regional and California State 2 and 3 Baton Champion 3) Top 5 Advanced National 2 Baton Finalist 4) Intermediate National Pageant Winner
Best UA Twirler Experience: 
After 4 years of watching my sister twirl on the team, it has been a goal of mine to be a part of the team. So far, it has been a great reward for a lifetime of competitive twirling.
What I love about the Pride of Arizona: 
Every individual is passionate about what they contribute to the band, making the Pride truly incredible.
Random fact about me: 
I have two pet lizards named Canoli and Ravioli!
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