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Kelly Huntington

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Scottsdale, AZ
Year in School: 
Favorite Quote: 
Before I do anything I ask myself would an idiot do that? And if the answer is yes I do no do that thing. - Dwight Schrute
Future Goals: 
To get into the Eller School of Business, and graduate with a bachelors degree in accounting.
Favorite Twirling Memories: 
Being on the field last year when our football team beat ASU, and the whole entire student section stormed the field.
Greatest Twirling Accomplishments: 
Winning top ten in three baton at the National Baton Twirling Competition.
Best UA Twirler Experience: 
Performing at band day, it was the most rewarding performance.
What I love about the Pride of Arizona: 
That we can not only make a unbelievable band show, but also have fun while we do it.
Random fact about me: 
I have a twin brother!
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